Project Overview

GoHaiti's vision manifests itself as a list of ambitious projects all targeted to empower Haitians to live better lives. The projects are geared towards providing physical and spiritual well-being, promoting education and the power of knowledge and enabling Haitians (as well as GoHaiti's operations) to be self-sufficient.

Urgent Projects

  • reliable transportation
    Reliable transportation is a necessity for running an effective ministry and critical element in ensuring the safety of our guests.
  • building completion
    We need to complete the renovation and construction of the primary building on the property.
  • Guest House
    Christian Haitians Ministries is spearheading an initiative to build a guest house on the GoHaiti property.

Project Archive

Completed GoHaiti projects

We firmly believe it is critical for us to report on our progress. This allows us to demonstrate our fundamental belief that we constantly need to be improving the standard of living of the Haitian people we serve. This is also a mechanism for us to show our accountability and provide insight into what your efforts and donations are providing. Below is a listing of completed projects

  • Phase 2 Land Purchase (Expansion)
  • Moringa Project
  • Chicken Coop Build
  • Second Well Installation
  • Sewing Program
  • Construction of Dedicated Food Pantry
  • Livestock Programs
  • Solar Panel / Inverter Install
  • Phase 1 Land Purchase (Initial)
  • Installation of Orphanage Plumbing / Water System
  • Completion of Orphanage Bathrooms
  • Installation of Well and Water Pump
  • Connection to Municipal Electric Service
  • Creation of Initial Gardens