Our Vision

To empower and impact Haitian Society's current and future generations. To achieve economic self-sufficiency in the areas of health care, education, and spiritual guidance by caring for orphaned and abandoned children.

We are in the process of developing a comprehensive plan which outlines all of GoHaiti's long-term goals. Some of the components of the vision include the Medical Clinic, Counseling Center, Community Church, Orphanage, Primary School, Trade School and more. The vision and implementation document will be available here soon.

Medical Clinic

Holistic Family Health Center

GoHaiti presently provides healthcare to those in need via a temporary clinic structure. Our goal is to establish a dedicated health center where treatment, prevention and health education will flow together. The purpose is to empower Haitians with the tools to make informed decisions allowing them to take responsibility for themselves.

Urgent Projects

  • reliable transportation
    Reliable transportation is a necessity for running an effective ministry and critical element in ensuring the safety of our guests.
  • building completion
    We need to complete the renovation and construction of the primary building on the property.
  • Guest House
    Christian Haitians Ministries is spearheading an initiative to build a guest house on the GoHaiti property.