Medical Clinic

Wholistic Family Health Center

GoHaiti presently provides healthcare to those in need via a temporary clinic structure. Our goal is to establish a dedicated health center where treatment, prevention and health education will flow together. The purpose is to empower Haitians with the tools to make informed decisions allowing them to take responsibility for themselves.

The clinic will hold regular open hours (Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm) and will be staffed by both Haitian and American professionals, all licenses and legally authorized to work in Haiti and volunteers.

The clinic facility contain the following features:
  • Two Consultation Rooms
  • Laboratory and Sterilization Room
  • Surgery Room
  • Staff Bathroom
  • Patient Bathroom
  • Waiting Room (also used as an Educational/Preventive Medicine Room)
  • Administrative Office
  • Observation Room and/or Nursing Room
  • Pharmacy
  • Warehouse/Storage Facility

The clinic will offer the following services:
  • Health Education and Prevention of Disease
  • General Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Dental Care
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Family Planning and Counseling
  • Nutrition

The following equipment is needed to make the medical clinic fully operational:
Medical Equiment Quantity
Paper Towel Dispenser 5
Glove Dispenser 4
CPR Mask 2
Emergency Kit 2
Paper Shredder 1
Safe Lock 2
Eyewash Kit 2
Counter/Bench 2
Refrigerator 2
Safe cabinet 2
Filing Cabinet 2
Exam Table 5
Medical Scale 2
Biohazard Recepticle 3
Trash Can 6
Exam Stool 5
Waiting Chair 12
Desk Chair 5
Desk 2
Computer 6
Printer 2
Electronic Med Record Software 1
Autoclave Sterilizer 2
TV 2
VCR/DVD Player 2
Projector 1
Laptop 1
Computer Network Hardware 1
Fax Machine 1
Blood Pressure Cuff (varying sizes) 5
Computer Desk 4
Room Separator 5
One Side Wall Fan 5
Nebulizer 1
IV Pole 5
Sphygmomanometer 4
Glucometer 4
Thermometer 4
Stethoscope 4

The clinic will also require constant replenishment of consumable supplies and medications. The include the following items:
Medical Supplies
PPE Equipment
Exam Gloves
Rubbing Alcohol
Cotton Swabsticks
Antiseptic Cream
Antiseptic Wipes
Wound Closure Supplies
Surgical Tape
Aspirin, Acetometaphine, Ibprofen
Betadine (solution, ointment, and swabs)
Topical Skin Medications
Diabetes Medications

Urgent Projects