Counseling Center

GoHaiti Counseling Center

GoHaiti Counseling Center is located in the tent city adjacent to the GoHaiti compound. Dr. Vivian Lamphear is overseeing the counseling activities, including group and individual treatment and education of children and adults. Specializing in trauma treatment for over 30 years, Dr. Lamphear has provided treatment for the past ten years to orphans and others in both Haiti and Africa. Within days following the earthquake, she offered trauma intervention to the most severely injured at the major hospitals through out Haiti.

From January 14 through the 19th, Dr. Lamphear counseled many of the displaced children and adults at the camp next to GoHaiti and in the surrounding community. Most frequent requests for counseling centered on problems of posttraumatic stress related to the earthquake, loss of loved ones, financial stress and related displacement issues. She will return every 4 to 6 weeks to provide assessment, treatment and coping skills training at the tent city site.

Additionally, Dr. Lamphear will be representing GoHaiti at a conference she was invited to at NYU this February, which will focus on the response to the impact of the earthquake on Haitian children and families.

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